måndag 29 juni 2009

You my angel

A new week and some new goodies. Nina has a new gorgeous kit out in the store @ Oscraps right now, called you.my.angel, just beautiful colors and gorgeous elements! She also has two new templates! So go to her store to check it all out!!

Here are two pages I made with this new fab kit, soooo fun to play with!! (but I am NOT really sure you can call Bella an Angel *lol*)

This one is with her template nr 12, a bit altered and a lot inspired by sis (Maria Ws) page "Size 25" wich I think is gorgeous!

And over @ Catscrap we have yet another fun blogchallenge called The Right Accent, looooove this challenge, you have to play along! This is my page, and my accent is RED!

And you might have noticed that I am in love with Lynne-Maries kit "White Linens", here is one more page using this amazing kit! How cute isnt Bellas bum *lol*!

(all images are clickable for full credits)

This was all the news I had for now, I have some exciting news to share with you all next week, dont wanna jinx it by telling all of you before its all signed sealed and delivered! :)

Have a great week!

torsdag 25 juni 2009

Lots of new goodies!!

Wow, the designer sure have been busy, I had a hard time catching up after my little vacation, but I have managed to make some pages!

I am as you all know in the CT for Catscrap and made a ISO thread in our forum there, I wanted some white alphas that would stand out on a page, and why not a white kit? Lynne-Marie said she would give it a go. And OMG did she ever, look at this amazing kit she came up with, its soo gorgeous and I know I will use this kit over and over again! Thank you sooo much Lynne-Marie!

The papers are beautiful each and every one of them! Totally in love!!!

And the alpha is to drop dead gorgeous!!! It looks exactly like I had picture them in my mind!!

Here is one page I did, since I love the alpha so much I didn´t want to use a font here. I have made one more but I will show you that one next week, its in the next blogchallenge @ Catscrap.

Creashens have made a new gorgeous kit, perfect for weddingpages, but since I am not married I used it for something else...can you guess what?? *lol*

Yup, you guessed right...my sweet Bella, just 4 month old, my...the times flies!!!

And over @ Oscraps NinaScrap Designs has also released some new gorgeous stuff, she has made some amazing actions for you that is using PS, but I only have PS Elements so sadly I cant use them, but run over to her shop to grab them, they rock!! She also has a new template in the shop:

And here is my take on this beautiful template.

Oh my, that was a lot of stuff...I am blown away with all the talanted designers out there, soo wished that I could design my self, but noooo.....*lol* so I have to be happy with making pages instead...and that is kind a fun too...actually...I love it!!! :)
Have a nice day!!

tisdag 23 juni 2009

New challenge and some pics!

There is a new fun challenge over @ Catscrap, called the Scrap Mash, you are going to scrap a page using your birthdates!

Mine was - Count my blessings - Green - Tag - Two word title, alpha only, and this is what I came up with:

This is such a fun challenge so dont miss it!!! Come on over and play with us!!

We had a wonderful time on our little vacation this past weekend. I dont think I looked at the time at all, it was a really relaxing time, no computer, no tv...just the family around the fireplace in the evenings, talking about nothing and everything. Bella really enjoyed to be able to run around in the garden, and wanted to do so naked *lol* but it did hurt her little feets to run in the gravel so the boots came on!

Our neighbours was curious of what we were doing and was standing by the fence when we were in the garden!

We have a lot of flowers in the garden, wich Bella loved, she picked flowers everyday!

And of course I had to play with some macro shots!

And here you have the house.

Hope your weekend was as great as mine!

torsdag 18 juni 2009

How cute is she???

I am doing a short blogpost today...just to show you my cute dd. Yesterday was the day I was sooo nervous about but it all went by just great! Bella got druged and looked sooo drunk and was all smiles, and when the dentist asked her to open her mouth wide...she rrrrrooooaaarrrd and said..."I am going to eat you" and then laughed, and yes...so did the rest of us!! She looks totally adorable and cheeky...doesn´t she?!

I am going to be MIA for a few days now, its midsummer and we are going to our summerhouse in Söderköping: and I will NOT take my laptop with me...need to relax a bit! But I will be back on Monday! Have a great weekend you all...and Happy Midsummer to you that is celebrating that!!!

söndag 14 juni 2009

New stuff and a GSO!!

Vinnie has some new masks in the store at Catscrap! Loooove her masks, cant live without them.

and of course I made a page as soon as I got my hand on them, and guess what...it made it to the GSO!! YAY!!!

(click on the image for full credits)

fredag 12 juni 2009

My poor little girl!!!

Yesterday was just one of those days...first I couldn´t take my hurting foot no more so I went to the ER and got it checked up. I have been in pain for over 2 weeks now, at first I just thought it was my regular pain from my fms (fibromyalgia) but it has gotten worse everyday. But no...they couldn´t find anything so I am still in pain!! (probably is my fms then)

And then in the afternoon I went to the dentist with Bella, couse her front tooth has started to turn grey (at the age of 1 she fell and chipped her tooth and now almost 1,5 year later its turning grey) and the dentist took one look at it and said...it has to come out!!!! So next week (wednesday) the are going to drug my little girl and pull her front tooth out, I am NOT looking forward to this, they said it could be a bit scary for the parent to see their child that druged, and I am a softy...I almost start crying just thinking about it! Not only that but then she is going to be without a front tooth for what...4 years?..before the next one comes along. Bella Bella Bella...I soooo hope she wont be in pain or feel discomfort being without it!! (she probably is going to look very cute and cheeky *lol*, it´s going to fit her personality well) but I worry anyway...it´s my little girl you know!!!

Ok..enough of my troubles...

Nina has some new stuff in the store @ Oscraps. She has made a beautiful kit called "Symphony" and she has a new template out as well, just as beautiful!! I made a page with it and posted it in my gallerys...and guess what..it has made it to GSO @ DST...YAY!!!

And Dido Design has released some new beautiful templates and we, in her CT, have used them when we did our AAM pages, here is mine:

I was feeling a bit pink and girly when I did it *lol*
Have a great day ya all...hope you have some sunshine because here the rain is poooooring down!!!

måndag 8 juni 2009

Welcome BOB and a little historylesson....

After looking through the amazing gallery we have over at Catscrap I knew that we should do something to recognise all of you in a special way.

So...CatScrap Team members will pick two pages from our gallery (Catscraps) each day and showcase them in the forum. And at the end of the month we will name one BOB. BOB stands for Best Of Best (an award being given at cat shows ). The one that will be picked as BOB will be given a blinkie to show off with and in the end of the year, all of the BOBs will be shown again and receive something special!!

All of you that post your pages in Catscraps gallery are all such an inspiration every single day and I cant belive how much talant there is out there .

So watch out for BOB, cause he'll be coming your way soon!

Yesterday we "Turade", that means that we took the boat in Helsingborg and went over to Helsingör (Elsinore) (takes about 30 min) and back again and did that over...and over.....we stayed at the boat in a restaurant and had a "Champagne brunch" that was lovely. It is a very known thing here in Skåne (Scania) to "Tura" but my inlaws are from Gothenburg so they had never done it before.

The food was fantastic and the buffé had everything you could possibly want from a brunch, and to top it of, there was "american" pancakes with honey and fruite...sooo yummy.

When you arrive in the Elsinore harbour you can see Kronborg, its a castle that was buildt in 1574-1585 and is also known all over the world from Shakespeare's Hamlet as "Hamlet´s castle".

It is truly beautiful!!

And when we got back to Helsingborg we went for a walk to go and see "Kärnan" (means The Core) It is the only part remaining of a larger Danish (Scania used to be Danish) fortress which, along with the fortress Kronborg on the opposite of Öresund, controlled the entranceway to the Baltic Sea. Both records and archaeological proof have traced the structure to the early 13th century and you can really feel the history when you take a walk in these surroundings.

And these beautiful stairs that was buildt in 1899-1903 just frames it all up gorgeously!

Just amazing architecture, and here you have Helsingborgs "City hall" (buildt in 1897) just as beautiful as the others!!

And this is the man that lead the Swedish army to victory and reclaimed Scania to Sweden, Magnus Stenbock.

Ok...LOL...so this was a little history from my part of Sweden. Hope I didn´t bored you to death, just wanted to show you some pics from yesterday!

(I have used Christian O´Dells presets for Lightroom on all these photos, available here)

Have a nice day!

lördag 6 juni 2009

I am in love...

with Lightroom 2 and with Christian O´Dells presets!! They work wonders on your photos! Just look at this amazing pack he just released over @ Catscrap...I know, he is an amazing photographer as well and that helps a lot but the presets DO work wonders even on my photos (but I do need a new camera) and it is sooo fun to play with a photo that is just ready for the trashbin, and suddenly you love it just because the great preset....A M A Z I N G!!!!

So run over to the Catscrap Store and buy these, they are on sale right now....25% off!!!
The very talanted Shen (Creashens) has released a new gorgeous kit, beautiful colors in this one, so soft and lovely and its called Squeeze.

I did a page this morning, and it was so fun to play with, so there will be more....just not today *lol* and btw, I´ve used Christians presets on the photo in this page!

And as if this isn´t enough, there is more new stuff in the Catscrap Store...Vinnie Pearce has some new stamps out, our guestdesigner Julia has released some new cool stuff.
Over @ After 5 Designs, Dido has released a new set of templates!!
Wow...lots of fun stuff to play with!! :)
Today is the Swedish National Day and its gorgeous weather so we are going out to see what fun stuff is happening in town.
Have a great day!

fredag 5 juni 2009

Baking inspiration!

After reading my friend Helens blog this morning I was totally inspired to do some baking with Bella, and since it was raining when we got home from kindergarten we gave it a go. When I asked her if she wanted to bake some chocolateballs she just...yay...NOW...wanna bake NOW, here are some pics:

I had made it a little bit easy, by measuring everything before hand in smaller bowles.

Of course you wanted to tase the batter and asked if you could take a small small piece

Do you think this looks like a small small piece?? Noooo! *lol*

This is what she looked like when I told her that she had to wait to eat more until the balls were done, a tiny bit upset! *lol*
Time to roll them in some coconutflakes

She did take this job very seriously and voila!...look..here is the final result:

Tasty yummy chocolateballs!

Thanks for this great idea Helen!

Have a great weekend everyone!