söndag 6 maj 2012

Flowers flowers flowers! Oh how i love spring! 

torsdag 1 september 2011

Some flowers

Have been playing with some photos i took today, trying to figure out how to use textures in the best way. These are from paint the moon (Dancing light - bokehlicious and dreamy color), and they are really fab! So much fun! Ok, so the flowers are a bit wilted but hey, so what, kind a beautiful anyway!

Wow...long time no see!

Cant belive its over a year ago since i blogged the last time! Lots and lots of stuff has happened in my life and i am just full of new beginnings, so i renamed my blog!

I no longer scrap, at least not now, i hope i will get my mojo back someday but in the meantime i am just enjoying all of your art that is out there! You all create such beautiful stuff, i am amazed!

I will soon update my blog some more, just need to fix some bits and pieces here and there first!

Have a great day...talk to you soon!

onsdag 28 juli 2010

Our garden..

As i have told you before, i am not a garden girl, i do not have any green fingers what so ever, but that doesnt mean i dont like the beauty of a garden! I did walk around in our garden yesterday and took some shots of some pretty flowers and some other stuff. Think mostly its weeds but they look rather beautiful to me!

We have a pond with lots of water-lilys (wich isnt in bloom right now) and some other things floating around..and that fountain looks rather old and needs some work i think.

and because we have a pond we have a garden full of these little creatures...they are tiny, not larger than my thumbnail! One morning when i got up and went out to go to the bus, the garden was full of them, i couldnt put my feet down anywhere without the risk of slatering a frog! Must have been the moment they decided to move away from home! We still have a lot of them though, if you stay still and watch out over the grass you will see them jumping here and there!

I also managed to pick 1,9 kg of these babies (redcurrants) yesterday...they look so yummy but i really dont know what to do with them...so i put them in the freezer until i might have some more berrys and fruits so i can make me some lemonade or jam or something. Any suggestions?

This is actually one of the flowers that is supposed to be in the garden (i think *lol*)

This little guy (bigger than the frogs) is packing up his lunch, i got to vitness when he caught and killed a bug and then he started to roll it in to his web until he had a nice little lunchbox ready!

weeds again...

we have these big big ferns on the side of the house...gorgeous when they are green...hiddius when they starts to wither! Dont know if we should keep them or not.

we also found this little guy...and i had to go google him, its a Limax maxius (or panthersnail(slug?) in swedish, dont know the english word for it...looks more like leopard than panther to me though). Apparently its good to have him in the garden! So he can stay!

My favorite weed...dandelion

just so beautiful!

The blackberrys are coming along quite nicely! Not gonna have as much as last year though cuz i have cut a lot of them down cuz they are taking over the garden!

And finally i took a shot off the field "next door"...they look so beautiful!

and Bella took one as well...you can feel the movement in this shot, she is good with the camera my little girl!

ok, hope you enjoyed the little garden tour.....and i hope you all are having a wonderful time where ever you are!

tisdag 29 juni 2010

Having the best time

Yay...my sister is home and we are having a fab time! Its so nice to see her again after almost a year. Our kids are getting along just great, Bella and Freya has developed their own little language a mix between english and swedish, but really...its sounds like, ha ha ha i cant even describe it...like the swedish chef in the muppetshow or something! And Kian has become so big, he was just a baby the last time i saw him...and now he can count to 10...geez, the time flies!

We had a lovely midsummer and i have lots of pics to show later on (not in my camera) but i will show you our girls, they were running around like snow white chasing our brothers boy, cuz he is of course the prince...and they actually stopped so we can get a photo of them..a rare moment, standing still! These three are just a few days apart...so fun to see them play together! I promise more pics later on, maybe even one of my sis and me! ;)

In the middle of all of this, the designers at CatScrap released a Catwalk collection with some amazing colors, it is so fun to mix and match all these yummy products (btw, there is a challenge on the CatScrap blog right now, were you can win a gc for $10 to the CatScrap store, just by mixing and matching some of these fab stuff from the Catwalk!)

Here are some of the pages i have done, for credits go to my gallery (have not posted all yet)

I am off work today so we (me and Bella) will soon meet up with the cousins and head for the beach, we have really lovely weather and who knows, maybe i will even jump in the water? Brrrr...or not! LOL! Have a great day/week ya all!

söndag 20 juni 2010

Some pics..

hey....how about this, 2 new posts in one day! Just thought i share some photos to. Here you have my running girl...she just loves to run! Cute as a bug!

and here you have some pics from the garden..just look at this amazing pink tree..love it!

one evening not long ago there were thick fog....you couldnt even look across the street!

some flowers..just love taking pics of flower!

ok...im gonna give up for today, no more posts..promise ;)
Have a nice day!

So much has happened...

since the last time i wrote anything on this blog. We have gotten 13 new amazing CT members at CatScrap and i am so happy! They are all doing a fabulous job and its great to see all these gorgeous pages filling up the gallery!

Not only that, we have gotten 3 new designers as well...Roben-Marie, Leora Sandford and K Studio! CatScrap is just blooming, and i love it! Just wish i had more time so i could scrap with all the goodies that are in the shop right now! We also have an amazing guest designer for the month of June: Cinnamon Designs!

I know i am a bit behind on posting here but here are some of the pages i have made lately:

With Sausan´s fun monsters:

Leoras Ciao Bella kit:

With some of Micheline amazing stuff:

Our guest designer, Cinnamon Designs:

Some pages with stuff from Ju Kneipp Designs:

CheekyMonkey Designs:

and some with Allison Penningtons stuff:

i could have posted more but i dont want to totally bore you to death, lol! I cant wait until next week cuz finally my sister is coming home with her children and i havnt seen them for so so long! We are gonna have so much fun!
I hope everything is ok with all of you and that you are having a relaxing sunday!
C ya soon!