fredag 17 juli 2009

A new designer..

We have a new designer @ Catscrap!! Lets welcome FruitLoopSally to the team, YAY!! Love her whimsical style and awesome designs and it was sooo fun to work with her stuff!! And to celebrate all her kits are 30% off for one week (through Friday July 24th) so come and join her party!!!

Here is a few pages a made: (clickable for full credits)

This is with her brand new kit "Lizzy" that she made to celebrate her moving in @ Catscrap

Just look at these colors...absolutely gorgeous, cant wait to get to know her better and to see all the stuff she is going to come up with!!!

So head over to Catscrap and do some serious shopping!!
Have a great weekend!

söndag 12 juli 2009

Do I dare to...

say that my internet is working again or do I jinx it then? I honestly cant imagine a life without internet, you feel so lost, I am so used to just going online to check all kinds of stuff, mail, and of course be active on my CTs and just be up to date on what is going on!!

Nina has released a new beautiful kit that I got to play with this morning, such an easy kit to work with, just my kind of kit actually!

Here is my first page, love that fish:

And just to honor our (Ninas CT) newest cheerleader that is the queen of blending, yup girl, you know who you are ;) , I had to do a blending page with these fab papers! And guess what, I got an Standing O @ Oscraps and an GSO @ DST!!! How great isn´t that, Im soo happy, and that page took me like 20 min to do! Just shows how great and easy Ninas stuff is to work with!!

And I have made a page with some stuff from Vinnie Pearce @ Catscrap as well, this is a photo of my niece who is soon to be 6 yo, we had been on the beach all day and I managed to take this photo of her when she didn´t notice, and I love how it turned out, she is a true beauty, isn´t she?!!

My sister and her family has arrived in Sweden, YAY!!!, she is finally home and it was so great to see her again, and the kids are growing up soo fast. Of course Bella and Freya hit it off straight away as if they haven´t been apart since her last visit. Its just the language that is a bit of a problem but they will figure it out soon enough I think. You will probably see a lot of photos from this visit, cause I have seen Marias new camera...OMG..what a camera, cant wait to try it!!
Otherwise I am still packing, gonna be out of the apartment by the end of this month, and we are working on the new house as much as possible, have been tearing out some old carpets to get to the wooden floors, let me tell you, that is a LOT of nails to pull out!!!
C ya soon (I hope)
Have a great week!

tisdag 7 juli 2009

Yay..Madame Mim is back!

After having a little break Madame Mim is back! Look at this beautiful kit she has made, called "Nesting", gorgeous colors and fun elements!

She also have made some photomasks:

I looove playing with her stuff, and here are some pages, this first one got me a GSO @ DST, wooohooo!!

And on this I have used some of her masks as well.

I might not update my blog as often as I should want to, I am having internet problems, it doesn´t want to be as cooperative as I would like it to be, hope to get my problems solved asap!!! Man, you feel totally lost when you dont have access to the net, what did you do before there was internet????
Have a nice week ya all!
Ps! Dont forget to checkout the CT Spotlights over at "Rocking Girls" blog, this week it´s Helen with some great blending tips!

fredag 3 juli 2009

Exciting news!!

We have bought a house!!! This was the news I didn´t wanna share with you until it was signed sealed and delivered! Didn´t wanna jinx it. But now everything is signed AND delivered, we can move in and start making this our home!! Its a house from 1936 so there are a lot of stuff to do, but we love the feel of it and think it´s gonna look absolutely GORGEOUS when we are done with it!! The garden is big and very park like, with a pond that has fishes, frogs, fountain and lots of water-lilys!

I really cant wait to get started! The very thought of making a beautiful room for Bella is exciting alone, but to be able to design a new kitchen and bathrooms...that will be sooo much fun!! Im sure I will bore you all with this for a long time ahead! *lol*

Here is some pics, the front:

and the back (that is right next to a paddock)

On a scrapping note, there is lots and lots of goodies in store @ Catscrap and to celebrate 4th of July we have a sale, enjoy 25% off throughout the whole store!!

Vinnie has lots of "new" stuff, it´s the stuff she had over at The Lily Pad and now we get to enjoy it at Catscrap.

I did a page with her gorgeous kit "My sister, my friend", just look at these colors, so soft and beautiful!

And of course my sister is the one I scrapped about! She really is my best friend and I don´t know what I would do without her! Love you sis! (and she is really sick right now and I might have saved her life by forcing her to go to the doctor! Get well soon, cause you are going to come home next week, remember!!!)

And Creashens has a new supercute kit out, that is called Lulu & Rocko (how cute isn´t that)

I made a page to let Bella know that it wont matter were we live, (she is a bit upset about the move, her first one) a home is were our heart is!

Hope you all will have a great weekend!