torsdag 30 april 2009

YAY....exciting news at Catscrap!

Remember I told you that I knew a secret...well here it is: We have a guest designer at Catscrap for the whole of May and it is the unbelievable Amanda Taylor from TaylorMade Designs. Love her work and it was so fun to play with her amazing kit, that she designed just for this guest spot, called Composure, great colorcombinations and amazing papers and elements.

And here are the pages I made with it:

But apparently this isn´t it, she has more planned for her stay, a challenge and a collab with the two very talanted designers Ida and Scarletheels, can´t wait to see it!!

And Catscrap is having a big sale this weekend in honor of NSD (National Scrapbook Day), 30% off storewide, runs through Friday May 1st to Sunday May 3rd, so come on over and shop!!!

I am all alone this weekend, my dd is in Gothenburg with her father, visiting her grandparents, so I am going to take this oppertunity to sleep and scrap...but I would lie if I said I didn´t miss her sooo much already!

onsdag 29 april 2009

Still amazing weather!

The weather is still amazing here, today we have had 25 c and we aren´t even in May yet!! Bella is still home from kindergarten because of her eyeinfection, the infection doesnt bother her, the fact that she can´t go and play with all her friends is definetly bothering her!! So today I decided to go for a looong walk thru the forest down to the beach, just to have something to do and let her run some of her extra energy off!

But when we were getting dressed to go outside the struggle started, she didn´t want to have only a dress on...nope...long sleeves and thights underneath and then she went bananas over the fact that I didn´t think she needed a jacket or a hat, but...nope...had to back down on that to, so she went out in this glorious weather looking like this:

Let me tell you, everyone we walked by was looking at me like...what did you think of when you got your little girl dressed today??? I mean, isn´t kids suposed to want to take their clothes off when its hot outside and not on? Anyway, she had a blast, every little thing she found was soooo interesting, sticks, stones, snails, name it, a real adventure!
Oh...and some snacks went down as well!

Ants is very hard to look at if you aren´t on the ground!

Yay!! On our way back she finally took off her jacket, but noooo...don´t touch my hat, not yet! But she gladly took off her shoes and I tried to explain that it might hurt to walk on the gravel but she said...nooooo it doesn´t hurt, I can walk, I promise!!
After a while...she looked like the shoes wasn´t a bad idea after all! :)

Let me tell you, she really had a lot of extra energy and ran almost the whole way...we stayed out for almost 4 hours!!
When we got home she got an icecreme and was sitting in the kitchen doing silly faces, and this is one of her new ones...she has found out how to cross her eyes..and when she does it she says....ohh...look...two mommys!!! My silly little girl!!! Gosh I love her!!!

Have a nice day!

måndag 27 april 2009

More from Nina..and a red eye!

Ok, I had a fabulous sunday with absolutely gorgeous weather. My inlaws came for a visit and Bella was soo happy, she was talking about her grandmother (or "wauwau" as she calles her for some reason?) from the moment she woke up yesterday and wanted to sit in the window to see if she could see grandpas car coming!

We went to look at a house that we were intrested in, but no...didn´t get the right feeling for that one either..well well, just keep on looking, some day THE house will show up!

Afterwards we went to the beach, we had over 20 degrees C yesterday, real summerweather in april, so of course, Bella took her shoes off and ran down to the water, so "wauwau" went with her and they took a walk in the freezing water, Bella loved it!! I took some photos but totally forgot that I could have put them in my pc when we got home (took the photos with someone elses camera) so now I have to wait until I get them mailed to me.
My poor dd has also got an eyeinfection, she is really really red in her eye, feel so bad for her, but I hope she doesnt notice it to much, that it looks worse than it is. So she can´t go to kindergarten until her eye is ok again, and she soo wants to go, because she is fine otherwise so she dont understand why she have to stay at home?! Well we are going to her 2,5 yo check up today, so maybe they can give me something for the infection so we can get rid of it asap!!

I did manage to get some scrapping done as well last night, Nina has a new gorgeous kit out, love these papers, great colorcombinations, and I love the graphic feel of it, just look here:

And here are the pages I did:

Well I hope you all have a great day, I know I will...the weather is still fab! :)

Ps! Havent found my first ever scrapped page yet, sorry!

lördag 25 april 2009

Shen did it again...

I don´t know how she do it, but that woman just makes one gorgeous kit after another, she is so talanted! This time it is a really beachy kit, and I sure wish I had a lot of beach photos, but I think I have to hold on to this kit and wait ´til the summer starts here! I love those birds!! You can get it @ Catscrap, just klick here and it can soon be yours! ;)
But of course, I couldn´t resist making one page (I always do my best work right when a kit is released) and this is a sunset down at the beach here in Ä who needs Santa Cruz when you got this: ;)
Oh...I know a secret...a really good one!! But I can´t share just yet, but I am sooo excited, it is going to be great!!
Have a nice day!

fredag 24 april 2009

Nina has new templates out!

Look at these gorgeous simple but unique templates that Nina has in store can buy them here:

And here is a layout I made with "Unique-The Simple Line No.8"
I understand that my sister whants me to play along with her in a game in wich you have to show the first layout you ever made...hmmmm....I dont even know if I have that one saved, but I will look and come back!!

On my way to pick up my dd at her kindergarten I go through a forest, its a walk that takes me 20 min and I have always loved the peace and quiet, just some birds singing and maybe a squirrel running up and down a tree, so easy to clear your thoughts and just have time to breath and relax before my little monster is home again ;)
But look at this just a lovely walk looks like this :(

Just to be looking like this in a while:

At least the have left some part of the forest alone, and just look how beautiful it glows of "Vitsippor" or "Anemone nemorosa" as I think it is called.

Hope you all have a nice day!

onsdag 22 april 2009

Today I have done something unusual

I have always wondered why my sister complains about having to many photos to scrap whilst I complained having too few, but now I know what she means. When they were home for their visit we took loads and loads of photos, and they are gorgeous most of them, but now I don´t know wich ones to scrap? So today I decided to do something unusual, scrap a page with no Bella on it...a page that had a photo of...ok don´t faint...ME.

Besides scrapping we have been looking at a house today, and OMG....that was a house in need of an extreeeeeme makeover, or why not just tear it down, so NO, not a house for us...we have to keep looking! I sooo want a house now, with a garden that Bella can run around and lose some of her extra energy that she seem to have!

tisdag 21 april 2009

The face of thousands expressions

Just wanna share some photos of my dd and her amazing facial expressions, isn´t she a doll?! :)
On these photos I have used Christian O´Dells gorgeous presets for Lightroom and they are available here at Catscrap!

måndag 20 april 2009

Ok...lets try to post a layout!

This page is made from the beautiful charity kit "Preserve It - Mega Collaborative Kit" by Vinnie Pearce, Catherine Designs and Fei-Fei´s Stuff. Every NZD$3.00 made from each kit will be donated to The Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland New Zealand. This kit will only be available for 2 months from kit release date.

söndag 19 april 2009

Nina has a CT call!

You wanna join a rockin CT? Look here:

Välkomna till min blogg!!!

Yay!! Jag har skaffat mig en blogg! Här är det tänkt att jag ska lägga ut mina layouter och mina foton på Bella och även mina tankar om ditt och datt. Måste först bara klura ut hur detta funkar, men det ska nog gå.

Welcome to my blog!!
Yay! I have got myself a blog!! This is were I am going to post my layouts and photos of Bella, and maybe even my thoughts of this and that. Just have to figure this out first!