lördag 25 april 2009

Shen did it again...

I don´t know how she do it, but that woman just makes one gorgeous kit after another, she is so talanted! This time it is a really beachy kit, and I sure wish I had a lot of beach photos, but I think I have to hold on to this kit and wait ´til the summer starts here! I love those birds!! You can get it @ Catscrap, just klick here and it can soon be yours! ;)
But of course, I couldn´t resist making one page (I always do my best work right when a kit is released) and this is a sunset down at the beach here in Ängelholm....so who needs Santa Cruz when you got this: ;)
Oh...I know a secret...a really good one!! But I can´t share just yet, but I am sooo excited, it is going to be great!!
Have a nice day!

2 kommentarer:

  1. She is amazing isn't she?
    I LOVE your layout! Gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful !!!! wow !
    I'm so glad you launched this blog :)
    to celebrate it, I've tagged you for a little game, go chack out on my blog