måndag 27 april 2009

More from Nina..and a red eye!

Ok, I had a fabulous sunday with absolutely gorgeous weather. My inlaws came for a visit and Bella was soo happy, she was talking about her grandmother (or "wauwau" as she calles her for some reason?) from the moment she woke up yesterday and wanted to sit in the window to see if she could see grandpas car coming!

We went to look at a house that we were intrested in, but no...didn´t get the right feeling for that one either..well well, just keep on looking, some day THE house will show up!

Afterwards we went to the beach, we had over 20 degrees C yesterday, real summerweather in april, so of course, Bella took her shoes off and ran down to the water, so "wauwau" went with her and they took a walk in the freezing water, Bella loved it!! I took some photos but totally forgot that I could have put them in my pc when we got home (took the photos with someone elses camera) so now I have to wait until I get them mailed to me.
My poor dd has also got an eyeinfection, she is really really red in her eye, feel so bad for her, but I hope she doesnt notice it to much, that it looks worse than it is. So she can´t go to kindergarten until her eye is ok again, and she soo wants to go, because she is fine otherwise so she dont understand why she have to stay at home?! Well we are going to her 2,5 yo check up today, so maybe they can give me something for the infection so we can get rid of it asap!!

I did manage to get some scrapping done as well last night, Nina has a new gorgeous kit out, love these papers, great colorcombinations, and I love the graphic feel of it, just look here:

And here are the pages I did:

Well I hope you all have a great day, I know I will...the weather is still fab! :)

Ps! Havent found my first ever scrapped page yet, sorry!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful !!! Love the simplicity and the colors ;-))

  2. Hope your daughter's eye gets better!!!
    Gorgeous scrap page too!

  3. lovely work with the new kit Princess A. So sorry to hear DD's eye is infected - not fun :( And keep hunting for that house...it will come