onsdag 30 september 2009


Ok...pinch me..I am dreaming!! I got a mail from Amanda Taylor (TaylorMadeDesigns) asking me if I wanted to join her CT...well..I told her I had to think about it long and hard....NOT...of course I said YES YES YES!!! Its such an honor, I have always admired Amanda, both her stuff and her pages..such a talanted designer and sweet person. I have already had a WARM welcome by her other CTmembers and I saw so many familiar faces so I felt right at home! I no longer have to be jealous of my sister :) Thank you soo much Amanda for this oppertunity, I hope I wont let you down!

And yes....I have already had a go with some of her amazing stuff. This is the new collab between TMD and Leora Sanford..."Autumn Florish", even if this first page doesn´t feel that autumny (is that a word? lol), I managed to get a photo of Bella in profile...so I made a page about her two faces...sometimes so so sweet and telling me she loves me and so on...and the next...a MONSTER appears and a lot of...NOOOO...I CAN...I WANT TO...is coming out of her mouth!!! Well she is soon to be 3 so I guess its normal!

and...the summer is over...time to put your hat on again (and you actually love it)!

This one I made with TMD and Ashalee Wall collab "Outside the lines" and I also used some wordart by TMD and Vicki Stegall.

Have a great day everyone...will be back soon! :)

fredag 25 september 2009

Its been a while...

since my last blogpost,but oh my...time flies, can you belive that it´s soon to be October?! I can´t. Actually we have had great weather (besides the last few days) so it has felt like summer not fall.

I am still enjoying my new job and Bella seems to have accepted that she is going to have to stay longer days at kindergarten, well...she still clings to me when I drop her of and don´t want me to leave, but when it´s time for her daddy to pick her up, she´s all...."Daddy...please can I just play a little while before we go home", so I guess she is just fine!

And I actually got some time to scrap as well....we have a new fab designer over @ CatScrap. Joyce Paul. Her stuff is amazing, so easy and fun to play with, I can honestly say that none of these pages took me more than 30 min to make!

And then Fruit LoOp Sally has released some new stuff as well. This first page is about Bellas favorite song at the moment, actually she wants me to tell it to her as a story when she goes to bed. Its about a little boy that goes out in the forrest to pick blueberrys and he wants a friend cuz he feels lonely and gets really really happy when a bear comes along *lol*...she loves it. And I got so inspired so I might even do a songbook for her with all of her favorites?!

And this one I found an old picture from when we took Bella on her first racing, she was only 10 months old...she loved the cars but hated those earmuffs or what you call them!

I actually have scrapped some more but those I have to wait to show you, the kits are not released yet. I am in such an awe over all of these talanted designers...amazing stuff, soooo happy I get to play with it!!
Have a fantastic weekend ya all!!

söndag 13 september 2009

Some Nina news..and some from me ;)

Ok, sorry I haven´t updated this blog in a while...but as I said in my former post, I hoped I had some good news this time and I have...I have got a JOB!!!! WooHoo...I am now a working mom for the first time in my life, wich means I haven´t had a job for nearly 3 years..OMG!

I now work in a shoeshop, selling fabulous shoes, look here, these and Rieker shoes are the ones we specialises in! But I am not only working in the shop I am also working in the office, and will be doing our homepage amongst other things...its gonna be soo much fun!

But I am a bit out of practise so I am totally exhausted when I get home, so it has not been much scrapping lately!

But Nina has released some new stuff, these gorgeous mask I just had to play with, and they were so easy to work on!

I have used 2 of the masks in this page, and also her new kit.....

....cozy.days, with such gorgeous colors and autumfeeling...really feels cozy!

This page got an Standing O over at Oscraps...thanks for that Kat! :)

And here is a go with Ninas unique the simple line template...that got an GSO over @ DST!

and over @ CatScrap another cozy kit has been released, "Spicy Delights" by Syrin. Amazing warm colors. Just had to make a page, and I did some journaling about how Bella is coping with being at kindergarten long days...wich she´s NOT!!
and Vinnie released a new fun kit called "Scrib Scrub" , a bathing kit...absolutely love those waterdrops...they are amazing!!!

Well...this is all from me for now, I hope it wont be long until the next time! Just got to settle in as a working mom!! Take care!!

onsdag 2 september 2009

September all ready??

Where did this summer go? Seems like it was June yesterday! Oh well...all though I like the summer...I just LOVE the fall, if the weather is nice that is. Clear fresh air and beautiful colors outside and the opportunity to just sit in the sofa, read a good book, drink hot tea and just be cozy and warm...can´t wait!

But until then I settle for playing with all of these colors!! As it is a new month, we have a new guest designer at CatScrap, Leonora Sanford and she has teamed up with Creashens and Lynne-Marie to create a fantastic collab, so fun and colorful!! Just look here:

As soon as I saw the kit I knew it was time to take the finger paint out of the box and let Bella play as much as she liked...and well...she LOVED it!! I got some great photos out of it and of course I scrapped away! This one got an GSO @ DST today, YAY!

And I just love this picture of Bella...it is sooo her!! I had to do a journling page about her love for her PURPLE backpack so we wont forget this sweet moment!

Lynne-Marie did release some fantastic smileys as well, and I just had to do a page about our day...those fun yellow little guys reminded me of all of Bellas moods...so well..here is a page about our day:

This page is just a page I did because I love that photo...its lots of old kits, just click on the image to get full credits! Isn´t she beautiful!!!

Nina has got some new quickpages out now and she will soon release two new templates, and here is my take on it (twisted it a bit), its so easy to work with her designs, and because I love that photo so much I used it again. I actually got an GSO over at DST for this one to today! Woohoo!

I hope, really really hope that the next time I write something here at the blog, it will be exciting news! But untill then...take care!