onsdag 30 september 2009


Ok...pinch me..I am dreaming!! I got a mail from Amanda Taylor (TaylorMadeDesigns) asking me if I wanted to join her CT...well..I told her I had to think about it long and hard....NOT...of course I said YES YES YES!!! Its such an honor, I have always admired Amanda, both her stuff and her pages..such a talanted designer and sweet person. I have already had a WARM welcome by her other CTmembers and I saw so many familiar faces so I felt right at home! I no longer have to be jealous of my sister :) Thank you soo much Amanda for this oppertunity, I hope I wont let you down!

And yes....I have already had a go with some of her amazing stuff. This is the new collab between TMD and Leora Sanford..."Autumn Florish", even if this first page doesn´t feel that autumny (is that a word? lol), I managed to get a photo of Bella in profile...so I made a page about her two faces...sometimes so so sweet and telling me she loves me and so on...and the next...a MONSTER appears and a lot of...NOOOO...I CAN...I WANT TO...is coming out of her mouth!!! Well she is soon to be 3 so I guess its normal!

and...the summer is over...time to put your hat on again (and you actually love it)!

This one I made with TMD and Ashalee Wall collab "Outside the lines" and I also used some wordart by TMD and Vicki Stegall.

Have a great day everyone...will be back soon! :)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Congrats Annika!!!! She is an awesome designer and you are so talented you'll fit right in!! Enjoy!!!

  2. Congrats Annika!!! You are perfect for her CT... look at your pages - awesome work!!!

  3. woooo hooooo! yay for you - so happy that you're part of the team! as you know...i love absolutely every page you dream up!

  4. What a wonderful surprise and Amanda will be thrilled with your layouts, I know.
    Congrats, Princess!

  5. yea yea yea!!! i am so glad you are over there with us....
    lovin your lo's!!

  6. Congrats my friend. How exciting. Amanda is lucky to have royalty now on her CT.

  7. I just read this. Congratulations!!!! Can't wait to see your lo.