fredag 28 augusti 2009

Do a search!

Hi ya all!

The celebration is still going strong over @ CatScrap! And there is one challenge after another. Now you can join the search... a fun challenge that makes you look closer in your scrapping folders!

This is what I found...

Have a great weekend!

söndag 23 augusti 2009

Don´t forget..

there are still some amazing challenges over @ Catscrap, and the prizes are fab, check the blog everyday!! This layout I did for the Right Accent challenge, I just love that challenge, it´s totally up my alley, you have until tuesday to participate in this one, and you can win a generous $30 gift certificate!

Nina have been working hard and has two new kits out, this page is made with her "Fresh Air"

And these two are made with the fabulous collab between Nina and Ashalee Wall called "me&you" , and since I am not married I took one of my sisters weddingphotos for this first one:

But could not resist to do one without a wedding theme as well.

And if that is not enough, Dido also have a new kit out... "Dalida"

Hope your day is gonna be just as gorgeous as ours, the sky is blue and the sun is shining! Have a great sunday ya all!

torsdag 20 augusti 2009

Gardentime...(looong post)

Ok, Im gonna admit it...I have NO green fingers and is not very interested in gardenwork. But when we bought a house, a big big garden came along! So now I am trying to learn and trying to get to like the fact that I have to do some gardenwork from now on.

The garden is full of fruits and berrys right now and some of them are looking rather delicious! Just look at these blackberries...(all tangled in by all of these darn nettles that is everywere!!)

And then we have a garagewall full of grapes...what am I going to do with these?? Cant just eat them all and you cant freeze them can you? Juice maybe? *lol* I soo suck at this

And the other day I walked around in the garden and found these little guys...think its called Cherryplums?! Have never seen them before, but they are kind a cute and I read on the net that the tree is gorgeous when it blossoms!

Of course there is the usual lots of apples and...

lots of pears!

Actually there is not a lot of flowers in this garden, mostly pinetrees and other trees, but we have a few...a rose, big one, climbing high on a wall.

And this beautiful one...hydrangea hortensia? Its both pink, blue and purple in the same bush? Love it!

And our pond is just getting greener and greener...the waterlilys just spreads all over! We have found 4 fishes...dont know how they have survived cuz they aint getting any food from us or the former owner..but in the other hand, we dont have much mosquitos here :)

And that fountain really needs to be fixed, its spraying all over the place!

This tree I fell in love with looks like something out of an horror movie...something that comes alive at night and chases you with its looong sad arms *lol*

And then...we have the ivy...all over the wall!! Does anybody know if its good for the house or if its damaging the wall? We dont know yet if we want to take it all down or what we shall do, if you have any suggestions, please give them to me!!

There are sooo many birds living inside of this...a whole colony I think!

And if you try to take it down, its gonna take the paint , and pieces of the wall with it...looks ugly, like under this window!

But eventually I probably get the hang of it, this garden thingy...luckily I have a mother that knows what to do, so I think I need to get some lessons in gardening!!

Ok, I wont bore you with my garden no more. But I have to show you these photos of Bella! She got an purple backpack from her "mormor" (my mother) yesterday and she L O V E S it....wont put it away no matter what!

So thanks mormor! Its a hit!!!

Have a nice weekend everyone...and if you have any garden pointers...send them my way ;)

fredag 14 augusti 2009

Happy birthday CatScrap!!

Lets get the party started!!

You can NOT miss this one, CatScrap is turning 3 and there is gonna be a big birthdaybash with lots of new stuff and lots of challenges with amazing prizes (incl two guest spots in our CT), a chat on the actual birthday the 19th and lots of freebies and not to forget a storewide sale!! Don´t forget to check the blog for details!

And if that is not enough, there is a new Catwalk collection..Summer 2009, it´s in the colorscheme of Catscraps shops, bright and playful colors!

Im lucky enough to have been able to play with all of the new kits and here are some layouts from me, Im gonna name all of the kits here:

"Silly" by Kstudios

"Pebbles" by Catrine

"Play" by Creashens

(the butterflies in this one is from "Play")

"Matilda" by Lynne-Marie

"Cream Pie" by Sausan Designs

"EMO" by Vinnie Pearce and "Spread the love" by Madame Mim

And Vinnie has also a new kit out, "Placid" ...just love it, so serene and beautiful!

(Im gonna post them all soon in the gallerys)

It´s gonna be soo much fun and I hope you will join the party and do the challenges and chat with us!! :) See you there!!

fredag 7 augusti 2009

I am back online!!

YAY! It feels so good to be back online and connected to the outer world and all my friends again! I have missed you sooo much!

I don´t know where the time goes, I cant belive that it has been a month since my sister and her family got home for their vacation here in Sweden and now they are back in Oman again!!! We have had a lot of fun even if the weather was a bit rainy (actually think they were happy to get out of the heat and sun for a while). We (Maria) have taken A LOT of photos and you will probably see them for a while since we both are scrappers! But I will try to show some here on the blog later on as well.

As I said, it feels good to be back online, and be able to get all the new hot products that is coming out. There is gonna be such a party over @ Catscrap later this month, and you are gonna be blown away with all the gorgeous stuff that is coming and all the sales! You don´t wanna miss the party!!!

But for now Creashens, Something Blue Studios and K-studio have made a fab collab called "About" and it is absolutely packed with goodies! Just look here:

I hate having my picture taken but felt like I needed a new photo of me to do this kit justice (and everyone else has made such gorgeous pages with new beautiful photos of themselfs) so I took the camera and went outside I shot it myself...lets just say...thank god for Lightroom, Christian O´Dells presets and cropping *LOL*

Otherwise it is a lot about the house for the moment, and the garden! Yesterday I went and bought me a wheelbarrow and of course Bella wanted one here are some photos of my little gardner:

And here is a picture of our neighbour....this is my view from the backyard! Kind of nice to have them around!

Ooops this was a long post...sorry :) Have a wonderful weekend ya all...c ya soon!!

lördag 1 augusti 2009

Still no internet!!

Just wanted to let you know that the move went well and we are now in the new house. Bella has adjusted just fine and is loving the fact that we have a garden! The house is up side down right now and will probably be for a while a head since we are doing some serious renovating!

What is not fine the fact that we still DONT have any internet and no TV, but I hope the internet issue is fixed by the end of next week!

Lucky that my sister is home otherwise I dont know what I would have done!!

See ya all soon I hope! Take care!