torsdag 20 augusti 2009

Gardentime...(looong post)

Ok, Im gonna admit it...I have NO green fingers and is not very interested in gardenwork. But when we bought a house, a big big garden came along! So now I am trying to learn and trying to get to like the fact that I have to do some gardenwork from now on.

The garden is full of fruits and berrys right now and some of them are looking rather delicious! Just look at these blackberries...(all tangled in by all of these darn nettles that is everywere!!)

And then we have a garagewall full of grapes...what am I going to do with these?? Cant just eat them all and you cant freeze them can you? Juice maybe? *lol* I soo suck at this

And the other day I walked around in the garden and found these little guys...think its called Cherryplums?! Have never seen them before, but they are kind a cute and I read on the net that the tree is gorgeous when it blossoms!

Of course there is the usual lots of apples and...

lots of pears!

Actually there is not a lot of flowers in this garden, mostly pinetrees and other trees, but we have a few...a rose, big one, climbing high on a wall.

And this beautiful one...hydrangea hortensia? Its both pink, blue and purple in the same bush? Love it!

And our pond is just getting greener and greener...the waterlilys just spreads all over! We have found 4 fishes...dont know how they have survived cuz they aint getting any food from us or the former owner..but in the other hand, we dont have much mosquitos here :)

And that fountain really needs to be fixed, its spraying all over the place!

This tree I fell in love with looks like something out of an horror movie...something that comes alive at night and chases you with its looong sad arms *lol*

And then...we have the ivy...all over the wall!! Does anybody know if its good for the house or if its damaging the wall? We dont know yet if we want to take it all down or what we shall do, if you have any suggestions, please give them to me!!

There are sooo many birds living inside of this...a whole colony I think!

And if you try to take it down, its gonna take the paint , and pieces of the wall with it...looks ugly, like under this window!

But eventually I probably get the hang of it, this garden thingy...luckily I have a mother that knows what to do, so I think I need to get some lessons in gardening!!

Ok, I wont bore you with my garden no more. But I have to show you these photos of Bella! She got an purple backpack from her "mormor" (my mother) yesterday and she L O V E S it....wont put it away no matter what!

So thanks mormor! Its a hit!!!

Have a nice weekend everyone...and if you have any garden pointers...send them my way ;)

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  1. wow Annika....your garden is a fantastic. Here we are trying to grow things and you have fruits, flowers and even a POND!!! Want to swap....just so beautiful! Love the photo of Bella - she makes me laugh!

  2. You are soooo lucky to have such an amazing garden of fruit! Do you know how much we pay for pears here!!! I used to live in B.C. where we could pull over on the side of the road and pick blackberries and now live in Ontario where we pay, pay, pay for such amazing fruits. Eat it all!!!!!! LOL!

    I've always wondered about Ivy myself if it damages the house. It looks so beautiful though, it would be a shame to take it down.

    It looks like a dream house to me! Enjoy it :)

  3. P.S. Forgot to say that comment about the tree is soooo true! LOL.

    I don't have a green thumb either, wish I could help you though :(