onsdag 29 april 2009

Still amazing weather!

The weather is still amazing here, today we have had 25 c and we aren´t even in May yet!! Bella is still home from kindergarten because of her eyeinfection, the infection doesnt bother her, the fact that she can´t go and play with all her friends is definetly bothering her!! So today I decided to go for a looong walk thru the forest down to the beach, just to have something to do and let her run some of her extra energy off!

But when we were getting dressed to go outside the struggle started, she didn´t want to have only a dress on...nope...long sleeves and thights underneath and then she went bananas over the fact that I didn´t think she needed a jacket or a hat, but...nope...had to back down on that to, so she went out in this glorious weather looking like this:

Let me tell you, everyone we walked by was looking at me like...what did you think of when you got your little girl dressed today??? I mean, isn´t kids suposed to want to take their clothes off when its hot outside and not on? Anyway, she had a blast, every little thing she found was soooo interesting, sticks, stones, snails, ants...you name it, a real adventure!
Oh...and some snacks went down as well!

Ants is very hard to look at if you aren´t on the ground!

Yay!! On our way back she finally took off her jacket, but noooo...don´t touch my hat, not yet! But she gladly took off her shoes and I tried to explain that it might hurt to walk on the gravel but she said...nooooo it doesn´t hurt, I can walk, I promise!!
After a while...she looked like this....so the shoes wasn´t a bad idea after all! :)

Let me tell you, she really had a lot of extra energy and ran almost the whole way...we stayed out for almost 4 hours!!
When we got home she got an icecreme and was sitting in the kitchen doing silly faces, and this is one of her new ones...she has found out how to cross her eyes..and when she does it she says....ohh...look...two mommys!!! My silly little girl!!! Gosh I love her!!!

Have a nice day!

3 kommentarer:

  1. she is so stinkin cute! my little guy is just as stubborn...makes me CRAZY!

  2. These photos are amazing !!! Your little girl is so beautiful !!! I'm in love with her glasses !!!

  3. hahaha....that thing with the shoes is just too darn funny!