tisdag 7 juli 2009

Yay..Madame Mim is back!

After having a little break Madame Mim is back! Look at this beautiful kit she has made, called "Nesting", gorgeous colors and fun elements!

She also have made some photomasks:

I looove playing with her stuff, and here are some pages, this first one got me a GSO @ DST, wooohooo!!

And on this I have used some of her masks as well.

I might not update my blog as often as I should want to, I am having internet problems, it doesn´t want to be as cooperative as I would like it to be, hope to get my problems solved asap!!! Man, you feel totally lost when you dont have access to the net, what did you do before there was internet????
Have a nice week ya all!
Ps! Dont forget to checkout the CT Spotlights over at "Rocking Girls" blog, this week it´s Helen with some great blending tips!

3 kommentarer:

  1. theres just something about your lo's...... I stare and stare at them. you have this indefinable quality!!!! I wish I could immitate it! however, I can be inspired by them!!!!!
    and my sympathy on the internet issues. I have been having them for months!!!!!! but watcha gonna do!

  2. What a great page!!! Love the tree in that kit!!!

  3. wow...beautiful kit and you highlighted it so well in your amazing pages as ever.