tisdag 29 juni 2010

Having the best time

Yay...my sister is home and we are having a fab time! Its so nice to see her again after almost a year. Our kids are getting along just great, Bella and Freya has developed their own little language a mix between english and swedish, but really...its sounds like, ha ha ha i cant even describe it...like the swedish chef in the muppetshow or something! And Kian has become so big, he was just a baby the last time i saw him...and now he can count to 10...geez, the time flies!

We had a lovely midsummer and i have lots of pics to show later on (not in my camera) but i will show you our girls, they were running around like snow white chasing our brothers boy, cuz he is of course the prince...and they actually stopped so we can get a photo of them..a rare moment, standing still! These three are just a few days apart...so fun to see them play together! I promise more pics later on, maybe even one of my sis and me! ;)

In the middle of all of this, the designers at CatScrap released a Catwalk collection with some amazing colors, it is so fun to mix and match all these yummy products (btw, there is a challenge on the CatScrap blog right now, were you can win a gc for $10 to the CatScrap store, just by mixing and matching some of these fab stuff from the Catwalk!)

Here are some of the pages i have done, for credits go to my gallery (have not posted all yet)

I am off work today so we (me and Bella) will soon meet up with the cousins and head for the beach, we have really lovely weather and who knows, maybe i will even jump in the water? Brrrr...or not! LOL! Have a great day/week ya all!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Have a great time with Maria!!!

  2. oh one of you and Maria .. pllllllllllllllease! With a cherry on top!

  3. Underbara scraps!
    Får jag fråga var detta kittet kommer från?


  4. can´t believe those are digi lo! Awesome!!!