tisdag 3 november 2009

My confession...and Bellas new room!

Ok guys...I have a confession to make...here it is:

The journaling says: "Hi, my name is Annika...Im an addict.. scrappingaddict! And right now I am going through withdraw cuz I have gotten my self a job and can no longer sit in front of my laptop all day or when ever I feel like it. Now I need to find some time and then I need to have my mojo with me, unfortunatly that is not always the case!

You know when you have that little time left inbetween cooking dinner, washing dishes and having some special playtime with your child and your mojo doesnt show up...it drives me nuts!! You just sitand stare at the blank page and nothing shows up, you go through your photos..but naaaaAfter work I am to tired, in the weekends my SO doesnt want me to sit by the computer..nor does my dd...and all I can think about is my next LO.. all the new fab designs that is showing up that you just would love to play with. All the challenges you would like tojoin, all the friends you have made all over the world that you would love to sit down andchat with....I MISS IT!!!

But hey...one day or another it will come back..you will have thetime, you will have the mojo and make lots of pages and take lots of new photos so youhave something to play with. And the fact is...I have gotten my self a job..I earn my ownmoney, I have got some new friends IRL and I have somekind of selfworth again...somaybe it aint that bad..maybe I just have to wait and it will come back or I will find myplace in this new world of mine and then also find some time for what I really love...digiscrapping...its my therapy.my way to relax! So yes...I am an addict...and I love it!"

And I want to welcome our new designer at CatScrap: Dawn Inskip, its her gorgeous kit I have used on that page! Click on it for full credits!

I have finally gotten my dds room finished...it has taken a while, but now its almost perfect, just want some paintings on the wall and other small stuff that needs to come up, but other then that it is done!!

Here are some before pictures:

And here are the after shoots (need I say that she LOOOOOVES it ;) ). She got to decide the color herself, and her favoritecolor is purple, so purple walls it is!! And she is getting a big dollhouse for her birthday November 12th...that is gonna be just right in that room...dont think she ever leave that room again (its hard to get her to kindergarten now let me tell you), and yes...mamma´s gonna love it to!! *lol*

Have a great day!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Just saw that layout featured at Gallery Standouts! I love it!

    The room is an amazing transformation. Really, really cute!

  2. wow ... that LO is incredible!

    But I am telling you ... you and Maria should go into interior design ...the transformations of both your girls rooms is just incredible! I am so not showing Katie!