tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Gorgeous autumn...

colors is what this Catwalk is all about...love the rich colors that makes you feel so cozy and warm! CatScrap has a Catwalk Autumn 2009 collection out and the kits are amazing...just check out the blog to see them all!

Here are a few pages I have made...this one is with Vinnies kit "Changes"

This one is with Joyce Pauls kit "Autumn Blend"

Here you have FruitLoOp Sallys "Apple Blossom"

Creashens kit is called... "Anne..(with an E)"

And as if that isnt enough...Shen (Creashens) also have a new spooky kit that I just loooove "Bugga Boo" ...so so cute. Those ghost was just perfect for this little conversation between me and Bella:
-Mamma, why dont we have any ghosts?
-But sweetie, we do...the whole house is full of them!
-Why cant I see them then?
-Ghosts are a bit shy, they wait untill you are asleep before they come out!

Hope you all have a great week!! :)

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  1. gorgeous work my friend - have a super weekend with your ghosts!!