söndag 10 januari 2010

A new year and a...

new blog. Had to do some refreshing after seeing my sisters new and oh so cute blog! The new year has started out cold! Its been a long time since it was this cold in a winter in our parts of sweden.
Just thought that I should show you some photos of Bella from Christmas eve, she has a new look...her tounge is out as soon as she see the camera!

And the new year started the same...with her tounge out! LOL! Oh well...I am not to happy about having my picture taken either so I understand her!

But she can be quite cute when she doesnt notice that I have my camera on.

Since its been so cold we had to find stuff to do inside, she has given me a show with her hand puppets...nothing wrong with her imagination!

But of course, we have been outside playing in the snow as well, she loves it!

We had to take care of our little birds in the garden as well...they are really trying hard to find something to eat and was so so happy when we gave them some food...think we got some friends for life!

I have been doing some scrapping and here are some of my pages:

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas and new year and that you all are feeling just fine. I have seen that many of you are doing the Project 365 and it is so fun to see all your beautiful photos, I think I will do the Project 52 instead...lol...feels more like I am going to be able to finish that one!
Have a great week, "talk" to you soon!

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  1. YAY!~ Now I am happy! New look, loads of photos! Look at all your snow! Love your b/w shots of Bella!