lördag 2 maj 2009

All these talanted designers...

are just going nuts right now...one gorgeous kit after another, Creashens has once again blown me away with a kit that I know I am going to use over and over again, it is called Sprung, and I have made two pages with it:

look at these two cuties, its when my sister and her dd was home for a visit in april, I just looove this photo!!!
And like this wasn´t enough, Catscraps guest designer Amanda Taylor teamed up with Ida and Scarletheels and made a beautiful kit called Awakening.....and of course I made a page with that one too

So why dont you hopp on over to Catscrap and do some shopping while it is still a 30% sale!!!
Have a nice day!

3 kommentarer:

  1. gorgeous pages Girl:) wow!!

    ps: you have something on my blog:)

  2. I'm blown away by your pages!!!!
    I can't keep up with the designers either!!!

  3. Super work my friend...you are an inspiration