måndag 18 maj 2009

Wow...I got a million!! ;)

Yesterday I was sitting and complaining over the fact that I need/want money so I can buy the house of my dreams, so I asked Bella ,who was sitting beside me playing with a jigsawpuzzle, -"You don´t have a million to give me?" and she looked at me with such a happy face and said -"yes I do have a million" and then she runs to her room and began to search all over the place. But after a while she comes to me and say -"Can´t find the million mamma, it has disappeard?!" and she looks soo sad. I give her a hug and tell her that mamma will be ok anyway! So she runs of to play. Several hours later I can hear her yelling -"Mamma mamma, I found it, I found the million" and she comes running to me with a little plastic MELON in her hand, and she looked soooo happy and so proud that my heart just melted and I was laughing soo hard....oh...my sweet little girl...she just gave me a million...reasons to love her even more!!!! (btw in swedish million and melon sounds really alike, miljon - melon)

Ok on a scrapping note, as you know we have the faboulous Amanda Taylor guesting over at Catscrap and she is having a challenge this week, so come on over and play along and get this goodies for FREE, you´ll find the challenge here!!

Here is my page for the challenge:

and Creashens has a new set of masks in the store, they are sooo cool and fun to play with, a must have!! This is how I used one of them:
Have a nice day!

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  1. Annika your pages are incredible. You are one in a million! And your little angel is there to remind you. What a story....melt the hardest of hearts! Have a wonderful day.

  2. What a SUPER Goddaughter/niece I've got!!! I love it, this really made my day!!! Give her a BIG hug from me!!!!

  3. I LOVE that story - SCRAP it !!!!