söndag 3 maj 2009

Empty shoes...

I have walked passed these shoes, standing in the hallway...empty, for the entire weekend, and just got this huge feeling of love and happiness every time I´ve seen them. It has been really relaxing to have a weekend all by my self, but gosh, I really really miss her. Its funny that you can´t wait to be alone and have some time to your self, but after only a couple of hours you feel the silence and emptyness in the apartment and wish it was filled with laughter again....ok, the tantrums I can live without, but its not them you remember, its the hugging, kissing and the "I love you mommy" and the catching laughter that you miss.

But she will come home today...YAY...can´t wait! These shoes will be filled with tiny feet again and the tantrums, jelling, and all the other fun stuff can begin ;)

I didn´t manage to scrap as much as I wanted this weekend, of course my mojo desides to leave me when I got the time to sit in front of the computer, but hey...I got to see lots of fun reruns on tv instead.

Hope you all have a relaxing sunday!

3 kommentarer:

  1. pssssst - take a look here: http://www.digishoptalk.com/boards/showthread.php?t=189629&page=4 :) :)

  2. aren't we funny, dying for some "me" time but spend all of that time thinking about those not with us. I hope you enjoyed your sunshine. Have a great week Princess A

  3. I can relate to everything you said! You want to have time, but then you can't enjoy it as much because you miss everyone!!! I'm glad she's back, and I love those shoes!! :)