fredag 22 maj 2009

My mojo has left me!! :(

I have such a difficulty to make a page, my mojo has left the building, I am all alone by my computer and I don´t seem to be able to make anything! So this morning I complained to my sister and she gave me a challenge, to lift this beautiful page by lenescobar and this is my result:

And I really liked how it turned out, and thought "YES I am back", but do you think that I have been able to make another page today??? Nooooooo! It is soo frustrating, I have photos that I took a few days ago, but nothing comes to me. I have gorgeous templets to use, but no, can´t do that either. Ok, think I might just leave it for a while and wait for my mojo to come home again, and sit here beside me and help me! ;)

As you know I am on the CT of NinaScrap Design, and Ninas blog was hacked a few weeks ago and now she has a new one up and running and it is called Rocking Girls, we all get to play with this one and it is going to be fun! Go here if you wanna have a look! Jess has posted all the layouts that we did in our photoswap, great work Jess!!

I hope you all have a fab weekend!

5 kommentarer:

  1. how I told you I totally love this page!! Maria has so good ideas:) And you are fab!!

  2. Ta en lite paus på några dagar det brukar hjälpa. Jag har nyss haft tidernas "dipp" - jag hr inte ens kännt mig sugen på att scrappa, sedan har jag haft dåligt om tid dessutom. Jag brukar pausa, och kanske fota lite - MEN det ser inte ut som att du har tappat inspirationen - din sida är perfekt !!!!

  3. I wish this is what I produced when I have no mojo!!! You are doing awesome!

  4. Princess A! What a fabulous "mojo-less" LO! Wowzers! I hope you had a super (rainy) weekend. Have a wonderful week - I will send you over some mojo-sun!

  5. Like Leah !!!!
    Beautiful Annika !!!
    And I wish you an happy birthday !!!!