tisdag 2 juni 2009

CT Spotlight and a boattrip

This month Eva is in the CT Spotlight over at Catscrap, she is truly one of a kind, I am in awe of her layouts and her photos, she is such an amazing photographer, all of her photos looks so sharp and crisp and just....sigh...gorgeous!! Wanna be like her when I grow up!! So the CT asked her a few questions and then we lifted her pages, let me tell you, there are some gorgeous pages to lift and the lifts turned out amazing as well. So head on over to the blog and read all about Eva and then go for a browse in her gallery, lift one and post it in the gallery to have a chance to win a 10$ gift certificate to the Catscrap Store!

I lifted this beautiful layout, Dreaming of..

And here is my take on it:

(click the images for full credit)

Now to something else, last night we went on a little boat trip with my brother, his SO and his DD, who is my daughters big idol, everything Alicia does...Bella copies, and they have so much fun together! We took a ride along the river in Ängelholm...Rönne å...and it was beautiful, a bit windy in the harbour but the furter down the river we got the calmer it became. We had a picknick with us and it was just a wonderful way to spend a Mondayevening. Bella hadn´t slept after kindergarten because she and I had been in a park all day playing on the swings and running around looking at goats, rabbits, birds, pigs and all other kinds of animals that they have in that park, I really did think she would fall a sleep in the boat but she had soo much fun playing with Alicia so no...we got back at 21.30 and let me tell you...we washed her up, put her to bed and after 5 min she was asleep!!!

It was Bellas first time in a lifejacket and she was sooo cute!

They really liked looking out over the river, and Bella was sure that there was sharks, crocodiles and beasts in the water!! *lol*
Yup, you are seeing right, it is me on a photo with Bella (hate having my picture taken, so there arent many of these)

This is our "city hall" right along side the river.

As I said....sooooo cute!!

The view from the boat

Let me tell you, this last photo is sooo gonna be scrapped, I love the expressions on there faces...pure joy and happiness! They really have a good time together even if there is four years between them.

And I have used Christian O´Dells new presets to Lightroom 2 on all of these photos, they are soon coming to Catscrap...they are the best!!!! Love them all ready!!
Have a great day!

3 kommentarer:

  1. She is so adorable with this red jacket... look they had a great time !
    In time... LOVE your last "orange" LO !!! Awesome !

  2. Gosh! I don't know where to start Annika! What a great blog post! Wonderful LO (putting the finishing touches on mine soon). The photos of your day out where wonderful. So lovely to see some of where you live and the smiles on the girls faces! Then I see YOU! WOOHOO! Sure looks like you had a wonderful day. Looking forward to seeing the scrap pages to follow.

  3. I just love your photos!!!
    Great take on the layout too :)