måndag 8 juni 2009

Welcome BOB and a little historylesson....

After looking through the amazing gallery we have over at Catscrap I knew that we should do something to recognise all of you in a special way.

So...CatScrap Team members will pick two pages from our gallery (Catscraps) each day and showcase them in the forum. And at the end of the month we will name one BOB. BOB stands for Best Of Best (an award being given at cat shows ). The one that will be picked as BOB will be given a blinkie to show off with and in the end of the year, all of the BOBs will be shown again and receive something special!!

All of you that post your pages in Catscraps gallery are all such an inspiration every single day and I cant belive how much talant there is out there .

So watch out for BOB, cause he'll be coming your way soon!

Yesterday we "Turade", that means that we took the boat in Helsingborg and went over to Helsingör (Elsinore) (takes about 30 min) and back again and did that over...and over.....we stayed at the boat in a restaurant and had a "Champagne brunch" that was lovely. It is a very known thing here in Skåne (Scania) to "Tura" but my inlaws are from Gothenburg so they had never done it before.

The food was fantastic and the buffé had everything you could possibly want from a brunch, and to top it of, there was "american" pancakes with honey and fruite...sooo yummy.

When you arrive in the Elsinore harbour you can see Kronborg, its a castle that was buildt in 1574-1585 and is also known all over the world from Shakespeare's Hamlet as "Hamlet´s castle".

It is truly beautiful!!

And when we got back to Helsingborg we went for a walk to go and see "Kärnan" (means The Core) It is the only part remaining of a larger Danish (Scania used to be Danish) fortress which, along with the fortress Kronborg on the opposite of Öresund, controlled the entranceway to the Baltic Sea. Both records and archaeological proof have traced the structure to the early 13th century and you can really feel the history when you take a walk in these surroundings.

And these beautiful stairs that was buildt in 1899-1903 just frames it all up gorgeously!

Just amazing architecture, and here you have Helsingborgs "City hall" (buildt in 1897) just as beautiful as the others!!

And this is the man that lead the Swedish army to victory and reclaimed Scania to Sweden, Magnus Stenbock.

Ok...LOL...so this was a little history from my part of Sweden. Hope I didn´t bored you to death, just wanted to show you some pics from yesterday!

(I have used Christian O´Dells presets for Lightroom on all these photos, available here)

Have a nice day!

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  1. Awwww sweetie,I do miss Catscrap! Sounds like a great contest. Your pics are gorgeous as always!

  2. Bored!!! Goodness me I am absolutely thrilled! It's just so special to see and learn more of where you live. I am a history teacher by trade and this was just fascinating. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    ps. love BOB...great idea

  3. Amazing photos!
    Bob is a great idea!

  4. Oh my!!! I wish I could visit here someday!! Everything is so pretty!!

  5. If I come to visit Sweden would you be my tour guide? I'll have to keep visiting in my dreams because an overseas trip is not possible right now! Maybe when the kids are grown! I really enjoyed your photos and the history lesson! And BOB was such a fabulous idea!