fredag 12 juni 2009

My poor little girl!!!

Yesterday was just one of those days...first I couldn´t take my hurting foot no more so I went to the ER and got it checked up. I have been in pain for over 2 weeks now, at first I just thought it was my regular pain from my fms (fibromyalgia) but it has gotten worse everyday. But no...they couldn´t find anything so I am still in pain!! (probably is my fms then)

And then in the afternoon I went to the dentist with Bella, couse her front tooth has started to turn grey (at the age of 1 she fell and chipped her tooth and now almost 1,5 year later its turning grey) and the dentist took one look at it and has to come out!!!! So next week (wednesday) the are going to drug my little girl and pull her front tooth out, I am NOT looking forward to this, they said it could be a bit scary for the parent to see their child that druged, and I am a softy...I almost start crying just thinking about it! Not only that but then she is going to be without a front tooth for what...4 years?..before the next one comes along. Bella Bella Bella...I soooo hope she wont be in pain or feel discomfort being without it!! (she probably is going to look very cute and cheeky *lol*, it´s going to fit her personality well) but I worry´s my little girl you know!!!

Ok..enough of my troubles...

Nina has some new stuff in the store @ Oscraps. She has made a beautiful kit called "Symphony" and she has a new template out as well, just as beautiful!! I made a page with it and posted it in my gallerys...and guess has made it to GSO @ DST...YAY!!!

And Dido Design has released some new beautiful templates and we, in her CT, have used them when we did our AAM pages, here is mine:

I was feeling a bit pink and girly when I did it *lol*
Have a great day ya all...hope you have some sunshine because here the rain is poooooring down!!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. gorgeous page Annika!! totally in love with this ( too )
    So fantastic with this colors!!

  2. Stackars liten!!! Hoppas det gar fort och att du e ok efterat! ;) Jag sa ju att LO var Super fin och att du inte skulle slanga den!!!!!

  3. two more great pages Princess A!! One more day of Sue's DS and then I can't wait to scrap with Nina's new products - they always bring out the best in my scrapping.

    Now Bella - I soooooooooo understand. Do you know Katie has one grey tooth and both front teeth are loose!! Just the same!! I have to cut all hard things like apple because she cannot bite it. I am worried they will have to come out also. She has fallen and knocked them (putting her tooth through her lip) on 2 or 3 times. Oh dear! I know things will be okay for you and Bella. And then you wont have to worry. (((HUGS)))

  4. I'm so sorry about your little girl! I hope it goes as well as it can... i'm sure she will be very cute, but that would be really hard for both of you! hugs!!!